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What has a daily visual experience and abstraction to do with quality of life?

In this episode I talk about my no 1 trick to boost creativity, imagination, joy and true passion for life.

Improve your quality of life

There are many tricks and habits that can improve your quality of life, but for me personally and from my own experience there’s one thing that directly influences the quality of life. It’s a daily visual experience. I’m the happiest , I feel the most pleasure when I’m exposed to the beautiful and exciting visual experiences. I love to be surrounded by beautiful things, by things that are in harmony with each other and by things that give me pleasure and joy and which stimulate my imagination.

Ugly things or empty walls

On contrary when I’m surrounded by ugly things or empty walls… I feel empty inside.

Deliberately choose what you surround yourself with

The most important for me is to deliberately choose what I surround myself with and create the environments that I love. I believe that abstract art is the most stimulating and exciting visual experience because unlike any other object or even other type of art which is more figurative and which tends to limit our range of responses…

…Abstraction liberates our imagination

It also awakens the senses and infuses us directly with joy. Colour, texture, the energy of the brushstroke can be incredibly stimulating.

That’s my number one trick to improve quality of life and well being and to boost creativity, imagination, energy and joy and true passion for life.

Do you have other tips of tricks to improve the quality of life and feel more joy on a daily basis? What works for you? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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I’m an abstract painter with the mission to inspire joy and awaken human spirit.


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