Abstract Paintings

If you’re looking for truth turn into art. Art always tells the truth.

Inspire your life with ART

When I make art, I make a statement. I dig into raw, untamed potential emotional power festering in my soul and pour it on canvas with my whole body and mind. When you fill your personal environment with art, you make a statement.

Balm your soul with ART

Art is not what it ‘is’. It is what it ‘does’, and to be specific ‘what it does to you’

Stop and feel...

This is how I do art. I take what art does to me and I reimagine it on my own canvas.

Custom Painting Made Just For You

If you believe that tailoring a painting to one’s individual feelings is an unnecessary frivolity and rather unstable business, let me clarify: there are no random strokes of brush on my canvas. Instead each and every one of them is meant to bring out the emotion, particular feeling that you’re going to re-live every time you lay your eyes on my painting.

Wiktoria Florek barcelona abstract painter


Wiktoria’s works are in private and public collections in Poland as well as private collections in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia.

Wiktoria Florek abstract artist barcelona art fair

Artist’s Statement

Compositions evolve like living beings, from conception to maturity. When complete, I experience a feeling of satisfaction that the painting emanates happiness, enthusiasm, and a fascination with life, and has become an accurate expression of all that I put into it.

Wiktoria Florek abstract artist barcelona art fair
Action no 1, abstract painting Wiktoria Florek

For First Time Buyers

The art you choose to surround yourself with connects with your inner power. It displays your unique imaginative mind and it rejuvenates your energy every day. That’s the kind of art I create for you.

Few reasons why…

My goal is to make your experience, with purchasing a piece of art, the best in every possible way and this is the reason why I offer:


Enjoy the exciting energy of Wiktoria’s original painitngs on your own wall for a week or two and if for any reason it doesn’t feel right simply contact us within 14 days from receiving it and I’ll happily issue a refund.


Wiktoira Florek’s online shop uses an SSL certificate and an encrypted and fully secure payment gateway through paypal for your best protection.


I ship everything  anywhere in the world.



To protect you and the artist a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist is issued for all original paintings and limited prints.


I believe that the art that comes from heart, moves the hearts of others…

Amazing paintings from a very talented artist! I highly recommend Wiktoria’s Artwork for those who like a combination of energetic colors and high quality paintings!

Kaja Ch.


When I recieved Wiktoria’s painting it instantly injected life and energy in me! Will be framing it up in my room to look at it every morning! I highly recommend Wiktoria’s art for raw, energetic pumps of zest and emotion into your life!

Tanya Sinha


It was a perfect gift! I received Wiktoria’s painting from a friend as a wedding gift. It’s so beautiful and full of positive energy!! My husband and I love it.

Aga & Brandon Wright



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