When I make art, I make a statement.
Love Story no 2, abstract painting, Wiktoria Florek

How does it start?

My art is largely inspired by experiences. Something as simple as driving through the countryside, swimming in the sea or seeing an almond tree in full bloom can be the motivation that gets me into the studio and in front of a blank canvas, ready to create. I paint out of excitement, happiness and joy, very rarely when I’m sad or feeling other than positive about life. You could call my art portraits of the soul or stories from within. I find inner power and liberation in painting non-representational abstract compositions, expressing emotions, feelings and states of mind.


How does the process look like?

Unlike representational painting, which tends to limit the range of responses, abstraction stimulates the imagination and gives viewers the freedom to go wherever they want to go. For me, every new painting represents a fresh new journey, an opportunity to look into my soul and tell a story that I put on canvas in the moment as quickly as it unfolds before me. The process brings about plenty of energy and expression, often requiring the use of my whole body, the act of painting becoming more like a rhythmic interaction with each canvas, a relationship in motion. While painting, I move the canvas from floor to wall and back again in order to stay in the moment, fully engaged with the action, and keeping the energy flow alive.

Love Story no 1, abstract painting, Wiktoria Florek

At the end…

Compositions evolve like living beings, from conception to maturity. When complete, I experience a feeling of satisfaction that the painting emanates happiness, enthusiasm, and a fascination with life, and has become an accurate expression of all that I put into it.