When I make art, I speak out my truth.

Love Story no 2, abstract painting, Wiktoria Florek

The Beggining

My art is driven by experiences. Miscarriage, childbirth, motherhood, falling in love, swimming in the sea or a simple fascination with a flower in the bloom gets me into the studio in front of a blank canvas.  I paint out of excitement and happiness, that’s when I feel true to myself and the most authentic. My art tells my truth, it comes  from within. I find inner power, balance, and liberation in painting non-representational abstract compositions, expressing emotions, feelings and states of mind.


The Process

Unlike representational painting, which tends to limit the expression, abstraction gives me freedom to say what I cannot enclose in a specific form. A new painting or a series of paintings represent a fresh act, a search for truth, deep into myself, into  often confusing world of emotions, and thoughts  and externalize my own subjective truth on canvas in the exact moment as quickly as it unfolds before me. The process is ecstatic  and energetic, often requiring the use of my whole body. I move the canvas from floor to wall and back again to stay in the moment, fully engaged with the action, and keeping the energy flow alive.

Love Story no 1, abstract painting, Wiktoria Florek

The end

Compositions are alive slowly evolving from conception to maturity. When complete, I experience peace and satisfaction that the painting has become an accurate expression of all that I put into it.