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by Jan 27, 2021For Collectors

Last Few Paintings from Blue Series

I’m starting a series of posts in which I will show a wholeheartedly curated selection of paintings from my collections that are still available to purchase.

I really want to start with the Blue Series. I created those paintings in 2018 while pregnant with my daughter Vega, they have a unique energy of that time conveying life, love, expectation, joy, but also freshness, trust and harmony. I feel special connection with those paintings right now as I am pregnant again with our baby Kai and I really can’t believe that there are still those few stunning pieces available – click here to view. ¬†Check the photos below to see how a painting can elevate your interior.

Blue Lagoon 3, blue abstract painting on paper by Wiktoria Florek
I totally love this 70×50 cm Blue Lagoon no 3, it’s on paper and adequately framed makes a such an amazing statement.
Gallery wall blue abstract paintings
Another way to elevate your interior is by creating a gallery wall with smaller artworks. Those here are mostly size A3 (40×30 cm) and A4 (21×29 cm).
Blue Lagoon no 2 & 4, blue abstract paintings on paper by Wiktoria Florek
And here a wonderful way of paring two statement pieces together to double the effect. This bedroom feels so cozy and relaxing. It feels me with harmony but also excitement – it awakens a desire of adventure in me. On the photo Blue Lagoon no 2 and Blue Lagoon no 4 – both 70×50 cm on paper.
Gallery wall Wood, blue abstract paintings on paper by Wiktoria Florek

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