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by Oct 22, 2019For Collectors

I Want to Take You on a Ride

I want to take you on a ride, on the most wonderful, extraordinary journey of my life, uncontrollable, tender and satisfying, the journey of love, growth and crossing my own boundaries, the journey of becoming a Mom. It started when Vega was still in my belly. Excitement, anticipation and another dimention of existance. Magic was happening and I was experiencing, observing new life growing.

Then she was born

Then she was born – how amazing are those tiny fingers holding my huge finger with such a strength, that first gaze at my face, that first smile… I was overwhelmed with the purest, delightful, beautiful love ever. She thought me to love myself more, to love others more through her. She thought me that I can be still, tender and strong at the same time. That I’m strong and fierce when it comes to protecting her, that I trust and love her for everything and regardless everything and that I can love others the same way. 10 months ago I became mom. I wanted to stop the time and to always feel that overwhelming joy. I took a paint and a brush and I painted and painted – the emotions, the beauty, the extraordinary, the growth, all the magic that I experienced since then.

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The Collection

Almost 40 small abstractions on paper (A3 and A4) – unique and special.  Inspired by Motherhood, so so personal, dear and important to me. They’re beautifully warm and soft and wild, fierce and bold at the same time. I look at them and I have butterflies of love and strength, I feel in charge, so powerful and unstoppable. We mothers have so much strength and power inside that blends with tenderness and incredible ituition and instinct.

Excitement and Strength

Each piece shines with soft, pastel colours which represent for me tenderness and unconditional love, love that doesn’t expect doesn’t judge, that just is and expands me from the inside out.  Some pieces have that strength and power expressed by bold lines and shapes where I used stronger colours adding excitement and empowerment to each painting. I’m totally in love with this collection and I hope you’ll love it as well!


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