Custom Painting

If you believe that tailoring a painting to one’s individual feelings is an unnecessary frivolity and rather unstable business, let me clarify: there are no random strokes of brush on my canvas. Instead each and every one of them is meant to bring out the emotion, particular feeling that you’re going to re-live every time you lay your eyes on my painting.

Shall we begin?

Just one click away

First things first – we need to establish a contact, which is as simple and quick as scrolling to contact form below or sending me an email. I would ask you to include some pieces of information in this message, that will help me with organization:

– Desired size of the painting or print

– Colour palette, if you have anything in mind yet

– Any paintings from my previous collections that might interest you and that will serve me as an aesthetic guidance and inspiration (you can access them through my portfolio).

As you see, these are rather vague points – I’ll help you with the details along the way. This step is the beginning of a path that we’re going to walk together, which brings us to the next part.

Breaking the ice

This may be the most vital step in our whole journey – but don’t worry, it’s even easier than the previous one! We need to see each other – either personally, if possible, or via Skype. You will know who you’re commissioning, and I will gather crucial ingredients towards our mutual goal – your personalised art piece. We’ll talk, and I’ll ask some questions – I need your relaxed and spontaneous answers, based on feelings and impressions more than on logical thinking, so I won’t list them now. Each individual person is unique, so our conversation would flow with it’s own rhythm.

I can’t stress enough how I value your insight during the process. I’m a medium for your future piece, but it’s still very much yours – so we will see together to it’s wonderful development.

First Fruits

We set sail! Based on your words, reflections and desires I’ll create four colour studies, from which we should choose one to work on further.

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything during this step – I’m available to all your concerns and ideas. I’ll be happy to explain some of work or thought process hidden behind my choices, but the final decision will always be yours to take.

We’re half-way through with this step! It’s time to sign a contract for your and my safety and protection. As I need to replace used materials, I will request a 50% non-refundable deposit from the full price. At this point we should both be convinced that we want to finalize this transaction, so I sincerely ask you to consider the matter thoroughly. The deposit is for my safety if something should go awry, but it’s also for your benefit, as I won’t back out from our deal.

(If you’re still hesitant, do not worry! After the painting is finished, and it doesn’t suit you, you can use the deposit to purchase a different piece from my shop. If that solution doesn’t prove to be satisfactory, please check my Return and Refund Policy).

It’s almost here

When we settle all the details, confirm them and then check and confirm again (just to be sure), I’ll start working on the piece. We are still in contact, of course – I would like to send you one or two photographs of my progress, so you can judge it’s contents and issue any observations or changes.

I’m open to any ideas or suggestions at this point, feel free to let me know whenever possible. It takes around 8 weeks to complete a commission, depending on current workload, size and complexity of the piece.

After it’s done, I’ll send you another photograph of the end result and await your final approval. This is it! Your very own, carefully crafted personal art expression!

Final Coundown

Sadly, our journey comes to an end. What’s left is the logistics and delivery! Be sure to check my Terms and Conditions, which contains details about shipment, payment methods and your security, and maybe look and my FAQ too, if you have more questions.

You can always send me an email as well. Your satisfaction is my top priority, so even when you acquire the painting and it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can still cancel the order and choose a different piece of mine – or check the Return Policy again, just a reminder.

I would require the remaining balance within next 15 business days from the date of your approval for the final outcome. As soon as I’ll receive the payment, I’ll ship the piece of your emotions right at your doorstep, so you’ll just need to mark days out in your calendar!

What do I receive?

I really take care about the details and the process of creating a unique piece of art for you.

Every composition includes:














What’s the investment?

To calculate the price simply choose below metrics, width and height of your desired painting.

Ordering custom painting is easy – let’s talk to see what I can create for you!

To inquire about the custom painting please fill the form below and I will contact you within 24h hours to set up an appointment in Barcelona or a video call through Skype.