Art Rental

Inspire your work with a spark of wonder – invite some of Wiktoria’s best pieces to your office space.

Making a great first impression

Organizing your professional environment is crucial to your productivity and performance – I can help you with sending assembled series of art or any particular one of your choice for a period of time. You can change the composition at any given moment after earlier consultation. My art will affirm your company’s message while lifting the spirits of everyone present – coworkers, friends, clients, and yourself!

The art that awakens

human spirit

Our brains and hearts respond better to beautiful, completed environments. We are more likely to be comfortable with working and even living in a space that is aesthetically pleasing. If you have to create a contemporary space that suggests the feelings of safety and sense of belonging, this service is for you. Dynamic, changing art inspires creative thinking, being surrounded with art also reduces stress levels – your employees will be happier and will get better results for you. On the other hand your clients will feel more relaxed in space designed to be aesthetically fulfilling. We are wired to respond to decision-making situation in safe environments – and what can better show that your company has style AND refined vision than a well-placed artwork with a powerful statement?

What is the investment?

The more pieces you rent – the less you’ll pay. The overall cost depends on a value of the artwork, as well as on timeframe of the lease.

For more info and details regarding my offer for your office interior, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message!

I would like to hear what you are looking for!

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