For First Time Buyers

The question that is a bane to every freshman fine arts student, the reason behind many sleepless nights of artists around the world, the possibly most infuriating thing to wonder about is…

What is ART?

We could bury years of our lives in search for the answer to that question, we could devote our very soul to determining the most viable possibilities to explain it, but the truth is rather simple.

Art is not what it ‘is’. It is what it ‘does’, and to be specific ‘what it does to you’.

Art does make you reflect.

Art does make you feel.

Art does make you wander through paths of history, minds of very people trying to figure out their place in the world before us.

Art is what you take from it.

Art is your passion for seeking the truth in yourself and the world around you.

You could be a sophisticated art collector, or you could be a busy architect, or you could be a preschool teacher – without a doubt, there was a piece of art in your life that made you stop and THINK.

Stop and FEEL!

This is how I do art. I take what art does to me and I reimagine it on my own canvas.

But it’s not enough. I feel a tremendous need to share my gift with the world, to help people discover bold lines, rich colors, this raw, untamed energy that unleashes in our most potent emotions.